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June 30, 2014


Welcome back. And I know the exact feelings of which you speak. I think most people who have lost soemone close to them can understand the gloominess. Thankfully, the worse part of it slowly dissipates as we get back into our routines.

Let us see then if we can't find some distraction that can sideways shift your mood from black to black humor. Sometimes that works when the heavy lift is too much. May I tempt you with a Boehner?

So President Obama showed what I believe are some serious political chops in pursuing immigration reform. He's not going to get it of course but he is going to make the Republicans and John Boehner, in particular, eat it. Yep and he's going to do what he can with executive orders, exposing Boehner's lawsuit for the joke that it is. In the words of Charles Johnson, here you see a president who has no fucks left to give.

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