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June 26, 2014


Peter G

The argument about fighting extremists creating more tenfold has little foundation. There will always be a very limited number of people in any population ready to engage in such militant action and their prime motivations have little to do with military actions. These are not live and let live people. If the argument were true you'd still be fighting German and Japanese and Korean and Vietnamese terrorists. But you aren't because nation states exist that are capable of restraining their own loonies.

The subtleties of drones and their uses do not stand in technical isolation. Their ability to remain on station unobserved for long periods of time coupled with signals intelligence creates an opportunity that the whole world SHOULD share. If your beef is with some leader hiding in safely in the weeds knocking out the troops will not answer. Taking out the chief sends a much more powerful message. Call me evil but I think more Assads and Ghaddafis need to find their end or live in the light that the end may come soon depending on what they do.

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