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June 26, 2014


Peter G

But I suspect those very names will resonate in every graduate school devoted to international affairs and diplomacy as a case study in self deception. As far as wishful thinking goes Iraq makes the Bay of Pigs look like just a glitch.

Peter G

Btw, In many ways? Bullshit. In every single reflection, transformation and translation there is Obama's people are handling a situation hand crafted by the nitwits in the previous administration.


Ah, the Bay of Pigs, anther mess Ike left Jack Kennedy, something that seemingly no one ever touches on (as well as all the other messes Ike left is successor, like Indochina and racial segregation, to name two biggies).

All of this depends on who is writing the history books. We knew by early 2002 that our grandchildren will still be cleaning up the Bush Catastrophe, and it is up to us to remind our children and grandchildren this.

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