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June 01, 2014



I find it, as I always have, increasingly difficult to reach any level of comfort with the idea of supporting her as a candidate. The feeling seems to be very widespread among all of my left-leaning friends. Of course, if we do not support her and Jeb or worse gets the job we will all be in for a terrible time again. I suppose it comes down to, as you said awhile back, which face we want to put on it. I applaud the idea of a woman president, but we do not need another warmonger of any description.


I think it's a worry either way. She either runs, gets elected, and then all we can do is wait and see what happens in the rest of the world that might make her want to put boots on the ground somewhere. Or she can run a bad campaign again, and get beat out by another democrat who may not be able to win a general election. Of course that may also depend on how bad a candidate the republicans put up. Right now there's no republican that can beat Hillary, but what if Hillary doesn't win a primary? This is why I don't say that her getting elected is inevitable. That's what people were saying back in 2008.


The vast majority of Obama supporters are lukewarm to a Hillary presidency. Not just because of foreign policy by the way.

But given the alternative of a republican president, the Obama supporters will vote for Hillary. Without any enthusiasm.

However, if Hillary becomes president and shifts the democratic party more to the right, she will face serious problems within the party. It's not the 1990s anymore. The Obama coalition is now a force to reckon with. There will be a search for a more progressive candidate for 2020…

Note: A Barack Obama comes once in a generation. Comes 2016 he will be missed. People who are always quick to criticize him will come to appreciate what a special president he has been...

Peter G

Good. There are lots of times when military force is both justified, necessary and useful. Libya springs to mind. It was certainly justified in the Balkans. And, as I recall, the president thought the authority to use it in Syria was very much necessary. The use of force is not necessarily the problem. How it is used and in conjunction with which allies and with what aim matters more. You may be assuming that the president is forbearing the use of either the force or the threat of force out of some higher reason than the obvious one. This president can rely on virtually no one to have his back.

priscianus jr

You keep using that term "military force". I do not think Hillary means what you think it means.

Peter G

I do not think anyone knows what Hillary thinks. Anymore then they know what President Obama thinks. But there are more than enough people willing to speculate about what such people think. The phrasing of Mr Rhodes is enlightening to this degree, by comfortable he means she likes it. Aggressive bitch! But unless his mind reading skills are exceptional then he is just another bullshitter.

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