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August 30, 2014


Peter G

I hate to point out the obvious but that is exactly what Obama will be doing. He will be putting people, almost certainly from the intelligence community, on the ground in forward positions to direct fire. Without them air power is much reduced in capability. You can use air power in a couple of ways. It can be used to prevent ISIS force concentrations that essentially make further conquests difficult if not impossible. They either stay dispersed or they die. This also allows friendly grounds forces to concentrate and overwhelm ISIS forces. Therein lies the problem. Who will supply those ground forces.

Absent proper fire direction and intelligence you are just as likely to strike the wrong people, usually civilians. And even with extensive intelligence there will be tragic errors. I find it supremely ironic that opposition to the use of drones excites such opposition. They are exactly the weapon, if you are going to use one, that minimizes collateral damage. Their ability to loiter while providing real time observation makes targeting of small groups of individuals much more precise. It cannot tell that a bunch of people firing automatic weapons isn't a wedding celebration. Only eyes on the ground can tell you that. I can pretty well guarantee that Obama will be inserting boots or highly polished shoes on the ground if they aren't already there.

Peter G

Wow bad grammar day. That should have been the use of drones excites such opposition.

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