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August 28, 2014


Peter G

May I get this one. It is all about confluence of interest. There is actually very little of that on the left and much less than we are told exists by the people who benefit from actual access to power.

If ever there was a clearer example of how that worked the recall election in Wisconsin gave a perfect illustration. So the public labor groups that support the Democratic party expect that any Democratic official who is elected must serve their interests and only their interests. Thus Rahm Emmanuel becomes the incarnation of evil for daring to represent the interests of citizens and taxpayers who are not part of this faction. Now a nitwit like Ed Shultz can blather all he likes about unity and all being in this together but I'm guessing that your average voter who job is at risk from both foreign and domestic competition and has watched the disappearance of jobs and the erosion of benefits and pensions knows that as taxpayers electing democrats only means they will be required to pay for things for other people that they will never ever be allowed access to themselves. No pensions, no retirement health care beyond the Medicare minimum. They are being told that the their children are not as important as those of such noble creatures as public employees and teachers and such. Their children deserve government supported drug plans and dental care. Yours don't. The Democrats of the far left (or more accurately, who pretend to be) offer a kind of phoney socialism that is really quite transparently bullshit. Benefits don't trickle down anymore than income.

If you look at New Jersey, where Christie was essentially elected by the Democrats to act as a scapegoat for their own incredible mismanagement of public employee pensions and benefits the tensions become even clearer. The limited range of strategies for dealing with the problem are, cut pensions and benefits, shift pension fund investments to higher yield and therefore higher risk investments, or go to the taxpayers and tell them that they need to pay a shitload more in taxes to take provide goodies to other people that they don't themselves deserve. Christie took option two and naturally that is failing. (When you shift to a basket load of high risk high yield investments some will pay off but more will fail and what you get is usually a wash.) So when can we expect the Democrats in New Jersey to tell the people there the truth. We underfunded the pension plans for decades and now we have either to screw the public employees or you. And boy is that an inspiring choice.

David & Son of Duff

"Republicans' misrule."

That's rich coming from a Democrat who has supported the most dangerous, dishonest and politically corrupt regime seen for decades. Example? Try Mr. Eric Holder, the 'Lord of Misrule'!

Peter G

Fundamental reading skills should have left you little doubt that Mr. Carpenter is not a Democrat. At least by now. That aside if I asked what specifically you meant by misrule is there any chance you could actually cite something that was true. My own criticisms of the democratic party notwithstanding, the Republicans are far worse. And I will be happy to explain the why of that as well.

Marc McKenzie

Mr. Duff, until you provide some hard proof to back up your claim the does not come from:



-Common Dreams


-The Smirking Chimp

-Daily Kos

-Russia Today

-The Nation

....I will continue to treat your "revelation" about AG Holder as the piece of crap that it is.

And you've mixed up the years for "the most dangerous, dishonest, and politically corrupt regime seen in decades". You've excised from your mind 2001-2009, and 1969-1974.

Marc McKenzie

"You have to hand it to tea partiers; they understand the power of the vote. Democrats either don't, or they just don't care--and that I find even more disgusting than Republicans' misrule."

Sad but so very true. Recently I read an essay that quite simply made me want to smash my monitor--it was an essay praising the "Boycott the Vote" movement, and most of it was spent attacking the Democrats and President Obama. Nothing was mentioned about the horrific tactics brought about by the GOP. If someone who claims to be on the Left or identifies as a Liberal, Progessive, or Democrat, and still does not see the value of getting out the vote to get things done--even after the 2000 Election imbroglio and the major miscalculation of 2010 (I actually read an essay back then that claimed that Obama needed a GOP-run Congress to "move to the Left"), I think that person needs their head examined right away.

The scary part about this is that some liberals still do not understand how politics works--and their purity-inspired mistakes will cost us in the long run.

David & Son of Duff

Apologies for the delay, what can I say except "Events, dear boy, events"!

Now, having pulled on my Marigold gloves, let us examine the nauseating Mr. Eric Holder. A man who holds the highest legal office in the government of the USA. An office in which it is imperative that he remain *strictly* neutral in all legal matters, pursuing those with a true case to answer but never acting in a way that could influence any forthcoming trial.

So, Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Mo., what do you think about Mr. Holder, the Attorney General of the United States of America, rushing down to your town to hold hands with the family of the shop-robbing thug you shot and for which you *may* face charges? Do you think that set the scene for a fair, unbiased trial?

And, Officer Wilson, did you notice that when a white, unarmed youth called Dillon Taylor was shot dead by a black policeman, Mr. Eric Holder did, er, well, absolutely nothing!

And back in 2012, when two white couples were set upon by a mob of black men outside a McDonalds and one of the young men, Denton James Ward 18, was so badly injured (he subsequently he died of his wounds) that his friends rushed him to hospital in their car but in their panic they jumped a light and in the crash one of the girls was also killed, guess what Attorney General Holder did, er, well, nothing, actually! Incidentally, the perp, through lack of reliable witnesses served 90 days for a misdemeanour!

And then there was Mr. Holder's busybody activities over the Trayvon Martin case . . .

Need one say more? Of course I do realise that if you suffer from blindness, deafness and lack the ability to smell, then you may think Mr. Holder is a man of impeccable rectitude!


Right on, David! And there are so many more incidences. For example, there was this time when I took my car to the mechanic. They told me that I needed a new oxygen sensor and that it would cost me $300. But when I went to pick up my car, the bill was $450! They "neglected" to include labor costs in the initial estimate. I was furious, all the more so because Eric Holder did absolutely nothing!

David & Son of Duff

The point, dear Jason, is that in your, er, example and in the two incidents to which I referred, Mr. Holder was entirely right to do nothing and I congratulate him. It is when Mr. Holder decides, after holding his licked finger up to the political wind, and also after 'consulting' with his boss in the White House, to *do* something that he shows his political venality. No doubt when he leaves office he will join that venerable, music-hall duo, Jackson & Sharpton (or should it be Sharpton & Jackson?) of whom it has been said that they never fail to blow long and hard on the embers of any potentially racial incident. Of course, only white on black incidents, natch!

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