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August 29, 2014


I do not doubt Cruz's native intelligence at all. But there are a lot of "smart" GOP politicians and operatives who have proven more than willing to seal themselves into the right-wing echo chamber, to the point where they forget that they're saying and hearing total horseshit, and start believing it themselves. See the GOP reaction to Obama's reelection. Even the supposedly pragmatic types couldn't see the blindingly obvious loss coming.

I think this may explain Cruz's behavior. He may really believe he's the next Reagan, or the GOP's version of an Obama-type candidate who can catch fire with the party and win over the middle in the general election. If he is only talking to yes-men and reading friendly press, he may have convinced himself of this, in spite of the reality that his extremism is slightly less popular than rabies with the general electorate.

I suspect it's for no other reason than to force the GOP whole ship of fools further to the right with his inflammatory rhetoric. In other words, doing for the GOP presidential hopefuls what he's been doing to the congressional GOP.

I am sure Cruz is intelligent and well enough informed to know that he cannot win. But the same characteristics and recent history has doubtless taught him that he can make a pile running for president.

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