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September 01, 2014



I'm beginning to entertain this hypothesis:

You're (ie, Blow, others) a writer. You have deadlines, and columns to churn out. It's a chore. You think about how easy and satisfying it would be to write the "Obama Singlehandedly Kills Al-Baghdadi, 73 Others, After Rappelling Onto Roof of ISIS Compound in Eastern Syria; Putin Withdraws From Ukraine; Republicans Pass Immigration Reform" column.

It would write itself! But it's not to be. You have to twist yourself into pretzels week after week, explaining why Congress and the world are so frustrating, that Obama can't just raise a green lantern and make it behave, and etc.

At a certain point you snap. You're done making excuses, and instead, you start blaming those in the trench with you.

Call it catharsis.

Peter G

These would be the same people who accuse the president of being insufficiently sensitive or attentive to the media spin pretty much whenever he speaks. Curious fellow your president, a ball in a media pachinko machine except when he isn't. Which is always at the same time. Paging Professor Shrodinger.

Jim Milstein

Now you've done it! As if O didn't have enough to contend with, a serving of quantum entanglement has been added to his plate. A Higgs boson sauce with lots of garlic might make it edible.

Anne J

I don't think the president will budge over a bunch of right wing bellering. Especially when it comes to making the decision to commit more blood and treasure into Iraq. If he did make reckless decisions propelled by the right's (and some on the left) constant ragging, then that would make him weak.

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