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September 26, 2014



I'd like to think the frequent rants I'd unleash here whenever you made a post that took and responded to a Brooks column at face value had a hand in influencing you to pay him less mind.

I'll say it again, just for the hell of it. Brooks is perhaps the biggest snake in the entire conservative media ecosystem. Make no mistake, his agenda is the GOP's agenda. Down the line, check every box, that's his agenda. His playacting as a reasonable, soft-spoken NPR conservative is just that. An act. It's the role he can best play in the conservative movement's assault on this country.

A quick dive into his archives as a blatantly hackish attack dog at the Weekly Standard proves this beyond any dispute.

So, you're right to point and laugh. If only more would.

Anne J

That point runs counter to the one made by republicans like Marco Rubio who say the country is made up of haves and soon-to-haves all in the glorious theme of trickle-on economics.

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