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October 29, 2014


Peter G

Taibbi is vastly overrated as a journalist. Mostly he is a polemicist who specializes in not seeing the forest for the bush he is focused on. His piece in Rolling Stone on the rising cost of education is a case in point. Paragraph after paragraph about student loans were provided which missed the point entirely about why education costs so much in the US. Washington Monthly covered this subject much better. The actual reason, ignored completely by Taibbi is that progressiveness won. College professors are quite well paid now in real terms and so is just about everyone else associated with higher education right down to the janitors in most cases. They have benefits and pensions and much nicer working conditions. That costs money and that's why tuitions have risen even while government funding has remained relatively static. The cost of tuition has nothing to do with student loan interest rates but you wouldn't know that if you read Taibbi. Maybe Omidyar insisted Taibbi actually get something right before publication.

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