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November 24, 2014


I stopped commenting on any Ferguson related thread, so charged were they with emotion. My last opinion on the matter was that the decision on whether Wilson had committed some offense would hinge on whether or not the forensic blood evidence was consistent with the officer's story. This was not well received but so it proved to be. The witnesses diverged wildly in their views but the blood trail showed that Brown fled the scene and then turned and charged. He managed to cover some twenty five feet while Wilson was firing. This is consistent with Brown's behavior at the convenience store when challenged by the clerk. I see no possibility that if a grand jury could not find probable cause to charge there is any point in bringing the matter before a jury. Arguments to the effect that the prosecutor was unfairly fair in allowing the grand jury carry no weight with me. Only defense attorneys say a prosecutor can indict a ham sandwich. Prosecutors reply, unheard generally, that they could do that but they would lose at trial just about every time. An existing grand jury with a racial makeup consistent with the county decided the matter. This was wisdom since selecting a jury specifically to deal with this incident would have been a nightmare. I don't believe in show trials.

So touchy is this subject that discussion at home is not possible without tempers rising. I cannot imagine how the people of Ferguson feel.

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