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December 29, 2014


Peter G

"Even people who call themselves socialist...."??? Excuse me Mr Dionne but only people who recognize that the market is the primary creator and distributor of goods and services are intelligent enough to be socialists or articulate a socialist vision. If you are such a person as can't see that by now your best bet is to stay home and pour over Das Kapital looking for the Big Mistake. Or maybe just watch reruns of SpongeBob Squarepants.


Maybe, also wish that MSM would do a better job at covering what President Obama is actually saying. His "communication" has always been there, but the MSM is refusing to cover it. Think only of NYTimes' coverage of 2014 and the absence of ANY coverage of PBO at all despite the climate deal with China; the historic changes with Cuba...
I get so tired of PBO being blamed for "the arena of public enlightenment" when whatever he says is being totally ignored by all the major networks.

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