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December 30, 2014


David & Son of Duff

Hurrah, if 'HillBilly' drops by the wayside, then you can bring on 'Fauxcahontas' who is not only better looking than 'HillBilly' but very much funnier!


This blog was the first thing that I thought of when I saw that this morning. I'm still wondering who exactly will be in this race on the Dem side besides Clinton. Webb seemed like the one person who looked in for sure (maybe Sanders too?). Incidentally, I read a long piece on Sanders today from National Journal, and he does seem quite convinced that there's a real opportunity for the Dems to get more of the white working class vote than they've been getting of late. But Webb, unlike Sanders, seems like he'd have a more credible shot at doing that but being able to win the whole thing.

Peter G

People who aren't actually members of the Democratic party have a poor record of becoming a presidential nominee of that party. While Bernie has a certain amount of credibility in the left wing of the Democratic party he is weak on policy. Weak is kind. He is pretty much non-existent on policy beyond raising the minimum wage and even some Republican red states have managed that. I hope the Webb story fizzles in the face of some realistic explanations. I find him intriguing.


I'd like to see a bit more from Webb (I am solidly in his corner) but its still early. Sanders is a nice old coot from a truly unusual state that is beautiful but more than a mite quirky...but then so is Samders. This little kerfuffle, which I am just now reading about, seems a bit of nothing from a press that must be a little bored given the holidays. I doubt it will be a big yawn with most everyone after a day or so.

Ted Frier

Glad to hear it. I quote your blogs in my own more than I comment on them here. In fact I am working on a piece now that uses your quote about EJ Dionne and his irrepressible Catholic faith in redemption.

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