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December 26, 2014



It might be that the motherboard failed, in which case you should be able to retrieve your data fairly easily from the hard drive, although the computer itself is as dead as an ex-parrot. Don't despair prematurely, PM.

Peter G

Orthodontics and now this. You have become your own Joe Btfsplk. What then must we do? I cogitate.

David & Son of Duff

My profound commiserations. I, too, have suffered similar catastrophes but NickT is right, the 'experts' can often recover 'lost' info.

However, can I beg you to immediately don your bio-chem suit when handling your daughter's Apple machine because you are in severe danger of catching 'Galloping Apple-itis', a mental disorder common amongst Apple users who have become the 'Jehovah Witnesses' of the computer world as, with revolving eye-balls and foam-flecked lips, they insist that Apple is the salvation of the world!


If the hard drive is fine, you shouldn't need an expert in data retrieval - which tends to be expensive. You can probably just slot the hard drive into a new computer, or possibly hook it up using a hard drive dock. Some of the specific technical specs are a little dated, but this gives the general idea:

David & Son of Duff

NickT, please don't take this the wrong way but you sound just like 'SoD' (Son of Duff) who always assures me that if I stick the 'thingummy' in the 'whatsit' and turn on the 'youknowhat' everything will work. He then loses his temper when I ask what a 'thingummy' is and shouts that he told me all that last week! At my age last week is an eon ago!


I would be able (and happy) to give more specific advice if I knew what computer and variety of hard drive we were dealing with here. I also don't believe that I've remotely suggested losing my temper if something isn't clear to the reader. I am sure SoD can speak for himself on these topics, but I don't think that I've used more technical lingo than is necessary.

For what it's worth,my first computer back in the day had a grand total of 48k of RAM and loaded programs using cassette tapes, so I am extremely sympathetic to anyone of a similar age who finds all this business of data retrieval/motherboards/drive docks etc confusing.

David & Son of Duff

"48k of RAM". Eh? What?

Don't worry, Nick, I'm just teasing but, alas, my ignorance of all computer techie-thingies is profound. In a way that is "A Good Thing" because I never attempt to cure any faults, I simply ring for 'SoD', well, I paid for his education so now it's pay back time!

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