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December 30, 2014



Here's Andy Borowitz's FB reaction:

"House Majority Whip Calls for Clearer Labeling of White Supremacists
WASHINGTON - House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) said today he would introduce a new bill requiring clearer labeling of white supremacists. The White Supremacist Labeling Act of 2015 would require white supremacists to wear 4" by 6" name tags clearly designating them as members of official hate groups. "Right now, it's impossible to tell the difference between neo-Nazis and collectors of WWII memorabilia," Scalise said. The Louisiana congressman said the new law should make it easier for lawmakers to know what kind of organizations they are addressing in the future. "Sometimes it's hard to see through all that smoke from the burning crosses," he acknowledged."

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