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January 30, 2015


Peter G

As Jeeves would say, you have to study the psychology of the individual. Like you, everything told me that he was going to run. His likely opponent, Hillary Clinton, has no more charisma than he had or has. But he still has the problem of getting through a primary in good enough shape to make it through a general election. So he skips that part. Now this leaves him only the narrowest of possibilities to become a nominee but it is not zero. It hinges on the wreckage left behind what is certain to be a brutal clash of...whatever the opposite of Titans is. Well the bigger the ego the bigger the bruisable area and Mitt has enough sour grapes stored up to flood the vinegar market. And a spouse I suspect has had enough. This just might be the world's largest I told you so.

But the question remains who will the Republican establishment back and the monied interests back if any of the other candidates looks like becoming the nominee. For economy of typing we'll call them losers. Saves a letter over nominee. In deference to your inner peace that includes Bu.... Let us wait and see what unlikely means. It sure doesn't mean no.

Shaun Appleby

It was all payback for 2012. Mitt flames Jeb and Christie, punks Halperin (since updated) then turns out the lights. Nice.

David & Son of Duff

And I was right, too!! Well, in so far as I told you that Scott Walker will be the candidate.

Also, another, er, 'Duff prediction', 'HillBilly' will withdraw when some of her history sees the light of day and 'Fauxcahontas' will run - and lose!

(Legal warning: I am not responsible for wagers entered into on the basis of my forecasts!)

Peter G

What wager are you willing to place on Scott Walker yourself?

David & Son of Duff

Are you mad?!!! I wouldn't bet a penny piece on my predictions but a man may hope, may he not?

Peter G

It's not an unreasonable choice given the field. But he is not a college graduate and he has a few investigations in Wisconsin to deal with. He's not all that bright yet he has found the chink in the Democrat's armor. Pro and cons. The big con though is that he hasn't got the financial backing and is unlikely to get it. I'm glad you aren't stark raving but neither am I. I'm not sure what starling revelations you expect to occur re Hillary given the Whitewater investigations, Benghazi etc but all the mud that will be thrown at Clinton will be old dried mud. It doesn't stick very well.

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