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January 30, 2015



And you wondered why Sullivan decided to hang it up before this next election got underway? I can't think of a drearier thing to have to cover.

Peter G

Don't feel bad. I too assumed that his ego was such that the campaign could not be foregone. I think we both erred in estimating the dimensions of that ego. Parsing what he said about winning the primary I can only conclude that I seriously underestimated a critical dimension. Mitt isn't quitting. He could win the campaign but knows he would lose the election. He is waiting to be drafted when everybody else who does enter the primaries blows up in their race to the right. If they want him they are going to have to beg him.

Peter G

Btw, we shall know my last is true if someone continues to poll how Mitt would do against the Democratic nominee (Hillary I'm assuming, as I would sunrise will occur) If that money gets spent and it won't be an inconsiderable sum, it can only be because the case is not closed.

Peter G

But, if true, this may be the most exciting convention in many a decade. I can't see a coronation happening. On reflection Mitt's play here makes sense. Even if he did raise money for this primary campaign or, God forbid, have to use some of his own, it would largely be spent fighting the other clowns. And that would be vicious and it would leave him stranded far out in right field. This play would be a very long shot but it requires only that he remain in a statesmen like stasis while everyone else burns themselves out. Who needs a Pyrrhic primary victory when you can clean up as Fortinbras. Shakespeare knew politics.


Who's smarter: Romney or Carpenter?

Peter G

The heart wants what the heart wants. Mr Carpenter wants to enjoy the fulsome entertainment of watching Mitt Romney step on his own dick a third time. With cleats. Mr Romney wants to be president and there is only the tiniest possibility of that happening, to wit: he gets drafted AND Hillary blows up spectacularly. I'm going with what Carpenter wants while recognizing that Romney knows his only slim chance to become president and stay married.

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