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January 28, 2015


Anne J

Proud to be one of your loyal readers since I first discovered you through Buzzflash almost twelve years ago now. I, for one, would love for you to stay around just a little bit longer...but only if you want to.

Robert Swartz

Ditto, PM. I found you through Andrew's blog, and many other great discoveries. I was stunned, but not surprised by his announcement today; like you, I've noticed something off on the site the last few weeks.

I think the whole TNC race/Murray re-hash took a toll, and you have to wonder if attending the Colbert farewell helped prod him along.

Peter G

It is sad to watch the slow relentless descent into saneness of such a person. When he first came onto my radar screen it was via one of his polemics with which I profoundly disagreed. And in the only time I ever personally engaged with him I was an asshole. Like most of the other herd that was replying to him. I've always regretted that. He is a decent person with whom I happen to frequently disagree. I've never understood how he did it,or you for that matter, and generated so much that was worthy of consideration and thought. No more than I understand my own compulsion to read and engage. I presume though, that one day we'll all get better like Andrew Sullivan has done. It's like watching someone leave group therapy sessions. All better now.

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