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January 28, 2015



So a writer uses hyperbole to make a point. What's the crime? I find it far more offensive when strongly ideological pundits use a soft style to pose as reasonable centrists, all the while smuggling partisan talking points into a discussion. The Deeply Mature and Serious David Brooks is currently the reigning champ of this game. This kind of rhetorical trickery brings us radical policies in the guise of reasonableness (i.e., deregulation of the financial industry, invading Iraq, endless warfare against an elastic concept called "terrorism" that can be anything any demagogue wants it to be.) Alex Pareene gives us ... bad manners? Over-generalization? Forgive me for not clutching my pearls and heading to the fainting couch!

(Besides, nobody but us blog nerds reads any of these guys anyway. Ask the next fifty random people you meet what they think about Jonathan Chait, Alex Pareene, or The New Republic. Whether you regard this as deplorable ignorance or the beginning of wisdom is entirely up to.)

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