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January 27, 2015



I'd like to see Warren Buffet and Bill Gates announce that they were going all in for the Democrats. That would put an end to it, because it will only stop when the Democrats so out raise and outspend the GOP that they can't compete.

Peter G

As I recall Harry had rather nice things to say about his pal Sheldon Adelson. So we all kind of knew Harry was bullshitting. It goes with the job. Frankly the money in politics is vastly overblown in my opinion. There are virtually no people who aren't on one side or the other of the ideological divide and the few that fall into this class subdivide mostly into stupid and ignorant. I distinguish those who can see problems with both Republican policies and Democratic policies and call themselves independents from those who can't distinguish anything. The fact is that this last election was lost to the Democrats by apathy. And that apathy was fueled by two things, the Republican's successful strategy of frustration and the Democrats lack of substantive policies that would broadly benefit the citizenry and not just their own internal factions. I've said it before, the Democrat's problem is that most people know that what the Democrats have to offer is bullshit.


It's Don Corleone govt; "I need, Godfather, all those politicians you carry around in your pocket like so many nickels and dimes".

The SCOTUS thinks the Godfather should be a documentary on American politics

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