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January 30, 2015


Peter G

Romney is a finance guy so he doubtless thinks in terms of reversion to the mean when it comes to candidate value. Double digit leads over other candidates only matter if support for those candidates at least partially goes to Mitt as he knocks off his opponents. This is probably achievable. As is the fact that the primary will require that his behavior and that of his opponents converges to just plain mean. Nevertheless he may decide that winning the primary will still leave him shy of the votes needed to complete his hostile takeover. I'm inclined to take your view though. The ego of such a man will probably not allow him to admit that the public just cannot appreciate his awesomeness when properly marketed.

Peter G

Well what do you know? Mitt tapped out. This race for the Republican nomination will be the poorer for his absence. I was so looking forward to his campaign on behalf of the poor people he despises.

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