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February 19, 2015


Peter G

I think everything you've said here is true. I would, myself, make a distinction between the philanthropic work of the Koch brothers foundations and the Clinton's. What they do with that money matters. Nobody's all bad. Any person who watches the best science show on television, Nova, knows that David Koch supports that. And yes they are still covering global warming. Very very well in fact.

If you make a pile of money anywhere in the world you will draw a crowd. I'm always reminded of that line by David Runyan, advice from one of his character's father, to always rub up against money for if you do some of it may rub off on you. And this Democratic presidential campaign, which looks to be the only one, is going to have the biggest pile ever. Power within the campaign will be proportional to the funds at the disposal of the person wielding that power. I'm sure every person associated with that campaign will all have very sound reasons why it should be them.


Love that picture--Elizabeth I meets the Red Queen...

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