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February 19, 2015


brave captain of industry

You really think Romney wont ease back in the race a little closer to the line? Why sweat it now? He saw the handwriting, he knows that a year from now it will be much easier to "sadly" have to rejoin the fray.

Peter G

Seems about right. Republican practice is to eventually select their least awful candidate on the theory that such a candidate is the most salable to all other voters. The process itself is Darwinian with the least offensive candidate identified by the success of their mating dance with donors. So doth Citizens United bite them in the ass. You'd think these people would begin to grasp the idea that all that money isn't actually helping them to do anything but fuck each other up but...sadly not. Once again they will select the ideal loser out of their stable of contenders.


So much of what passes for normal activity in today's GOP is simply old-fashioned hucksterism, with the goal of fleecing the sheep, that I wonder how long it can continue. Have you ever read James Ellroy's "The Cold 6,000"? A revelation.

Peter G

Haven't but I will.

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