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February 26, 2015



Conservatives argue differently than rational beings do. Rational beings argue based on datasets. So: 50,000 TSA screening agents, 40,000 Customs and Border Protection employees, etc. Rational beings would poll these datasets and report what the results were.

Conservatives, on the other hand, argue using anecdotes. They cherry-pick a couple of people they met; they find (or invent) the account of one or two people who had bad experiences with Obamacare, and so forth. Oftentimes, they also narrate the emotionally-charged details of their anecdotal examples. It works brilliantly because voters (who lie somewhere in between rational beings and conservatives) are far more emotional than they are intellectual, and these anecdotal accounts have warmth and appeal to them that rational beings' data sets don't. It works. It wins. Damn shame, too.

BTW: Conservatives do exactly the same thing when they dress up as Christians and quote the Bible, cherry-picking prooftexts regardless of what the rest of the Bible says.

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