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February 28, 2015



The one possible rationale I can see for what Pelosi did was that when Boner and the Goobers can't get this thing done a week from now, the Democrats can hang them out to dry, saying "Look, we did the right thing: we voted for that extension to give the Republican majority the chance to sort itself out and get serious about the country's business, but they're too incompetent to do that, so don't blame us for what's happening now."


The catastrophe will simply highlight that government is the problem and that Democratic presidents are incompetent. No hell will be paid by the bomb throwers.

Peter G

Oh I think she's got this right. Let the Republicans bang their collective heads against the wall as many times as they like. Let them prove that government is incompetent by example. Let them prove they can't even keep the lights on. Let them do it weekly. Who knows? They might even keep it up close enough to the next general election to make a difference.

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