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February 27, 2015



2016 won't be like 2012 will it? I admit, I enjoyed the 2012 circus a s much as the next person, but it also made me a little sad and worried about the fate of my country that so many were taking so seriously such un serious people for such a serious job. But don't even get me started on the Democrats. They are so ready for Hillary, they aren't even consider anyone else, which is just as bad, if not worse.

Peter G

I know of only one Canadian politician who attempted in modern times to introduce religion as a factor in a national election. That was Stockwell Day and it cost him dearly. I do not know the religious affiliation of any other Canadian politician and like virtually all of my fellow countrymen I don't care. In Canada, if you want to get elected don't go there. This is something about American politics I don't get and probably never will.

Aside from that I wonder if you all would consider stepping back about fifty years and going back to the brokered convention. This primary system is killing you. It feeds polarization and puts the candidate selection process in the hands of the most extreme fringe of both parties (much more so the Republicans it is true) and requires ever more money and fund raising to feed the beast. To an outsider it looks perfectly insane. While the brokered conventions delivered some pretty bad presidents it also got you some of the best. And it was based on negotiated compromises that seem to have fallen not only out of favor but even the realm of possibility. I do agree with AnneJ that the modern selection process is a hell of a show.


Gerson is wildly optimistic that this is even a paper cut and he knows it. Walker won't lose one primary vote over this and more importantly his fundraising will not suffer because of it.

This is damage control for the Bushies. JEB will likely be crushed in the CPAC straw poll and his people know it. So best to get out in front and push the electability argument and discredit CPAC by calling some of the speakers wacky.

If the Bushies think that they are going to beat Walker by calling him Hillary Clinton and saying he's unelectable they are sadly mistaken.

Peter G

You're right about the fact that Jeb will be crushed in the CPAC straw poll. As is the fact that he knows he needs to be crushed in CPAC straw poll in order to have a shot at all. No one but a fool wants that kiss of death. If the worse thing a Republican presidential candidate can be is a Hillary and many will doubtless be said to be indistinguishable from her for one reason or another it kind of makes you wonder what distinction there is at all. I'm going with Rand Paul as the straw poll winner btw. Every CPAC is stacked with libertarians.

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