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March 30, 2015


Imma gonna to stick with primary brawls being very ill advised when they take place in public rather than in those lamented smoke filled back rooms. They are terrible crippling events but absolutely necessary component now of American politics. Sure they allow the fringe loonies to dominate the candidate selection process at all office levels. That's terrible most of the time for minor offices because the people who vote in primaries will probably deliver those candidates to victory. Not so the presidency where the tack to appeal to the nutty buddies exposes to the public o exactly what the nutty buddies want by way of policy. That's a pretty big saving grace right there and it applies almost entirely to the right. Almost.

So, on the left, exactly what are these policy positions that need to be thrashed out in a primary? There really aren't any are there? Does the governor intend to make a fight of it? Sounds to me like he is hoping someone else will take on that task vis-a-vis Hillary. The hereditary presidency on the other hand is one of those things that people decry when it suits them and ignore when it doesn't. I'm thinking of Adams and Roosevelts and nearly Kennedys rather than Bushes and Clintons. I'm pretty sure all the ones who made president were elected. Asterisk George if you like.

Peter G seems to habitually make good points, but even so O'Malley might make a decent sparring partner or even veep for Hillary. At least he seems to be a fairly consistent liberal with no serious bad history. I also find him bland, but that might be his strength. Bernie Sanders would be a better defender of liberalism and social democracy, but he has called himself a socialist, and a huge majority of US citizens don't know the difference between European-style socialism and the workings of the United Soviet Socialist Republic. He would probably just end up making trouble for Democrats.

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