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March 29, 2015


Who listens to radio? The biggest market for radio seems to be people who are either behind the wheel of a vehicle or trapped with somene who is. At least during the day. Who sits at home listening to Rush Limbaugh? Look at who advertises on his and other right wing blowhards and you shall know. I've no doubt, if polls looked closely at long haul truckers, Cruz might be in double digits. Such is the power of reinforcement.

Rush's mixing Father Coughlin's schtick, Heritage Foundation press releases and a style of sneering "comedy" was, at the start, a stroke of genius. For years he was called "the man who saved AM radio." But he and his apers have all obligatorily moved far enough right to be jokes to all but the dumbest of the dumb. This is also the territory occupied by Cruz and an explanation of the brotherly love they have for him. To anyone not blinded by zealotry all Cruz needs is a plaid jacked, straw hat and cane to fill out an AM radio era image of a cheap flimflam man.

"Jacket" not "jacked". There's no substitute for proof reading.

Pundits should start using the term the Trump line like baseball writers use the term Mendoza Line.

By "Reaganesque" does he mean Cruz will sell missiles to terrorists and use the profit to fund death squads somewhere? Or maybe that we will cut and run from Lebanon?

I do!

Mr. Carpenter, you write an awful lot of tosh but, dammit, you write it exceedingly well.

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