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April 30, 2015



I'm not sure it's that simple. The substance or lack thereof is befitting the base of voters he's depending on to make him competitive. All they want to hear is that everything wrong in the world is Obama's fault, or at least not theirs.

I think Cruz is a bright enough guy to debate actual substance and issues. But he's boxed in by his political posturing to arguing as a representative as the proudly ignorant. Hence even Dana f'n Bash, no one's idea of a Rhodes scholar, picking him apart.


Guys like that aren't interested in actual debate, they're simply interested in being "right" and winning. They'll use all the dirty tricks such as smears, lies, ad hominems... the whole kit. They'll go for the "Oh, Joe" and "You're no Jack Kennedy" tricks which, unfortunately, most people mistake for "winning" instead of what they are: a simple cover for having no real arguments, aimed at simpletons. People are real suckers for that shit. Always have been, always will be.


Zingers like that have their place when perfectly executed, but agreed that they are no substitute for actual argument, and shouldn't be used to determine who won a debate. I mean, Bentsen and Biden won their debates against those lightweight frauds even if you take their Kennedy quips out of the transcript. But they certainly got extra points from the vapid media for them.

It's going to be a long campaign over there in the clown car. The race to the bottom of each candidate trying to outdo the others in "no, I hate Hillary and Obama the most!" is going to be exhausting. And there will be all shapes of empty zingers coming from egomaniacs like Cruz, Paul and Rubio, all trying to appeal to politically-functionally-retarded voters. I can't wait.


Turgidson is right, and I'll add that the idea Cruz could be humiliated is doubtful. Where would he be now without shamelessness?

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