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April 29, 2015



Ah, the information age. 300 cable outlets, nearly all of which suck. Millions of "news" and opinion outlets on the web that offer no more than copy ripped off from big name sources accompanied by uninformed comment - nothing at all like that written by a historian with a learned perspective to share. Does that seem elitist and undemocratic? So be it. As engineers say, to err is human but to really fuck things up takes computers.

Another problem with Facebook, a site I scrupulously avoid, is that it's been caught lately playing Big Brother by manipulating news feeds:

Orwell had it backwards. We don't watch the screens, the screens watch us. I hope all this will kick at least some humans into social evolutionary high gear. The sheer volume of noise will require more sophistication to adapt.


re: Consider yourself a freak if you read the conservative press; and indeed, I'd wager that most of you are freaks, since the political literacy among readers of this site seems abnormally high.

Speak for yourself, John Alden.

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