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May 29, 2015


Peter G

I remember a story about a police chief of Mexico City, who was called upon to explain before a governmental committee how his modest salary had somehow produced a personal fortune of around a hundred million dollars. He ascribed it to the frugality of his wife and her excellent management of the housekeeping funds.

Was the beneficiary of Hastert's largesse a blackmailer? Or was this merely an agreed settlement for some past harm. It's only blackmail if the payments were made to conceal some egregious and embarrassing harm to some other party who does not benefit from the payments. It's perfectly legal to have a lawyer negotiate such a settlement on your behalf. what the IRS has to say about this is a different matter.


Hastert resigned from the board of the CME Group yesterday. CME specializes in financial derivatives such as Credit Default Swaps and Collateralized Debt Obligations, the two instruments most often cited as the cause of the 2008 economic meltdown. Hastert was Speaker of the House from 1999 to 2007. Passage of the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act, also known as the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, fits neatly into the time frame of Hastert's rise to Speaker. I've seen no accusation that Hastert was paid off by CME or anyone else for helping to push the bill through, but the timing certainly does seem convenient.

Add Hastert's apprehension to the FIFA story that involves some of the US banks responsible for the crash and it looks suspiciously like Loretta Lynch's DOJ is taking action on some cases that have been researched for some time. Even if true it might not amount to much more than political maneuvering. We shall see.


I just realized I've been propagandized. The crash actually started in September of 2007 and I wrote "the 2008 economic meltdown" probably because I've heard it so often. "2008" is a big lie meant to blame the current president.

Peter G

Hmm. Those inclined to pursue such matters might start checking high school year books for someone named Denny, a wrestler perhaps. Such secrets cannot be kept for long. Someone will know and someone will leak for that is the nature of the world. In the meantime, Hastert's request for concealment of the facts will force the worst possible construction on the whole tawdry thing.

William Caulfield

What that poor man did with that goat is nobody's business. Leave him alone!

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