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May 27, 2015



All I can glean from this is that the CNN "A Listers" appear to be the whackadoodles at the bottom of the polling results, while the less-preferred "B Listers" are the candidates with an actual chance of getting the nomination. Go figure. Perhaps a few billion more from David or Sheldon can sort this out for us.

William Caulfield

This is going to be fun! The party that has supposedly moved back to the center put on full display. I really only want to watch the A Debate. Madness!


The less the candidates understand the better. There will be much whining and resentment that will probably end up being directed at Jeb or whoever else might fight their way to the big top.

Peter G

I thought Bob's suggestion of using the Jeopardy model had great merit. Principally because it could thin the herd in a few rounds. But now I'm thinking Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader might be a fairer alternative.


That could work provided any are smarter than a fifth grader. Maybe pin the tail on the elephant with a balloon drop, light show and live performance by Ted Nugent for the winner?


Au contraire, Bob, it will work for the GOP because they'll promote the candidates who aren't.

Peter G

You have a flair for showmanship Bob.

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