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May 27, 2015


Peter G

Been meaning to ask any or all of these fellows of the Republican Golden Horde, if God's will is the key factor in securing the office of president didn't he make it clear that Obama was his chosen instrument? Twice.


Where's Marco's sense of show biz? From now on he should give this speech standing with his arms spread in front of a cross and wearing a crown of Cubanelle peppers while being whipped with pool noodles by gay wedding planners. He could label his water bottle "vinegar." What a schmuck.

Anne J

When he can come up with an anti-gay version of Matthew Shepard, then maybe I will take his point. Homophobic bigots wouldn't last two seconds under the kind of persecution gays have had to, much of it because of speech like that. Way to go, Rubio for ginning up more fear of the gay community than already exists. I hate to call anyone names, but as the mother of a gay son, when I hear some two-bit little politician try to score a few cheap little political points by trying to make people afraid of people like my son, then yes I will take it personally and call him a self-serving little asshole.


Rubio is correct, but perhaps not in the way he meant to be. In today's fever-swamp of right-wing, fundamentalist christianity, much of what passes for doctrine is, in fact, hate speech. See the Westboro Baptist Church, for example.

Peter G

Refreshing isn't it? Sometimes a mom has to do that.
Something about speaking a larger truth or so my mother told me after the first time I heard her turn the air electric blue. I think I was thirty at the time.

Peter G

He might want to tone this crap down. Someone might ask him if he concurs with his church about the proper place for women within public or private institutions.


I would pay to see that.

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