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May 26, 2015


William Caulfield

C'mon PM - you say that we've seen it before but add exciting new ideas that could make it better than ever. Just like "Project Runway," where Tim Gunn gets a save to preserve someone voted off, the Billionaire Club can have a $20M save button.

This could be must-watch TV!

Peter G

I seem to remember offering American Gladiator as a model last week but that probably only betrayed my age. Some of the newer shows probably do make more up to date models for a reality show. But do not ignore fiction. Example? The Hunger Games, in which securing rich sponsors was key to survival. And let's be honest, wouldn't modeling the reality show on what everyone assumes would be the patronage model of government make more sense?




Another possibility would be a Celebrity Jeopardy tournament hosted by America's most loved Canadian Alex Trebek. Fox News writers could pen answers for categories like Birth Certificates, Socialist Presidents, Reverend Wright Says, Secret Muslims, and so on. If there are 12 candidates they could be down to a winner in only 4 games.

The Raven

Your first sentence here is a contender for snarky lede of the year, or at least month.

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