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May 29, 2015



Writing as a philistine who didn't make it through more than the first chapter or two of 'Catch-22' I'd prefer the analogy of Faust and Mephistopheles. Except that Walker isn't smart enough to be Faust and the Teabaggers are only minor demons. Or maybe parasites on minor demons' backsides. But I would get to use cool phrases like "Sturm und Drang." I thoroughly enjoyed 'Something Happened' and own a hardcover of 'Picture This' that I never cracked. That should count for something.

Peter G

Meh. I look at the statistics of those who favor background checks and other rudimentary controls on guns and I wonder. The populace seems to favor these controls by a substantial margin yet horror after horror which highlights the need pass unanswered by legislation. It seems that the difference between what a majority favors and what they will overlook is vast. It is a matter of priority I think. How important reproductive rights are is undoubted yet many women support the Republicans and many Democrats also women seem to favor some controls on abortion much as they do gun control. I don't know how big a penalty the republicans will pay for their stance on this issue but, unless made central to Hillary's campaign, probably not much.


"Closing Time" is the name of the sequel to "Catch 22".

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