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May 29, 2015


Peter G

Perhaps if he changed his name to Bernie?


Rand needs to get in touch with Peter Thiel. If he can't be POTUS maybe he could at least be president of an artificial island. It would be fitting:


I understand there are a few new ones in the South China Sea...

Peter G

Randistan? Technically stan means land as in land of the Turks for Turkmenistan but I'm sure that won't be a problem. A great destination for those ambitious non-coms who are Men Who Would Not Be Kings. The looser building codes caught my eye. What's your recourse if one of your fellow libertarians insists on digging a basement?


Yeah, but the Chinese Nouveau riche are buying naturally occurring islands. Gauche.


You sue on the grounds he's violating your property rights and hope your court date is real soon.

Peter G

Hopefully before the world's largest game of Marco Polo starts. Maybe they should rename that game to Marco Rubio.

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