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May 22, 2015



Thank you, this summarizes it accurately and completely, in a way I immediately recognize but was unable to express. What a relief.

Peter G

I've always wondered for what market Krauthammer writes so eloquently. It can't be anybody who actually has either brains or a memory capacity in excess of that of a fern. It's like he is writing for a select group of like minded individuals who are all suffering from anterograde amnesia. You could almost make a comedy out of it called Fifty First Columns. A very very dark comedy to be sure.

Anne J

He's lying too. They're all lying, the facts are right there for everybody to see, and they still insist on telling that what we see is not real only their vision of reality is the correct one. And they won't shut up!


While Charlie (I like the spelling because it's like Charlie Chaplin, aka "The Little Tramp") commonly plays subtly fast and loose with his arguments, this is descent into Fox News territory. He's their token intellectual, but maybe he's been irretrievably sucked into The Bubble ( ). He wouldn't be the first.

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