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May 21, 2015


Peter G

So....they've all been backed into the same corner about going into Iraq in the first place. Next question will be about putting ground troops into Iraq and/or Syria. The correct answer to that will also be no but it may take a few consequential examples and public polling for that to sink in. Finally we'll get to using US air and intelligence and non-combat advisers to aid the Iraqis in retaking their country from ISIS. To which the answer will be yes. You mean just like Obama is doing and Hillary suggests? NO NO NO NO! I didn't mean that at all. I meant....Benghazi!


So expect the fear and loathing that we saw in the run-up to the 2014 elections, but about an order of magnitude more hysterial.


Pity is not appropriate. In the service of the loopy ideology of PNAC to build a Reaganite policy of military strength and moral clarity, whatever the hell that might mean, and defense contractor profit, Bush II is responsible for around 4500 American and possibly over 1 million Iraqi deaths that Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz estimates will eventually cost 5 Trillion dollars. Democrats were somewhat complicit, but there's no reason to think a Gore administration would have chosen the same path.

Anne J

I hope with everything that I'm made of that the electorate sees through this. And I think they do. If for no other reason than the prospect of their children having to pay the price by signing up for military service for lack of any other career opportunities if these fools get their way again.


The problem is the young folks don't vote. We old geezers do. Until we're dead the US will continue to be screwed up

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