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May 26, 2015


Jon Ponder

Pataki is the walking embodiment of the banality of evil.

Peter G

Thank you for this morning laugh. Pataki's accession to the Union of Republican Contenders was not unexpected seeing as he announced the date on which he would announce the fact a couple of weeks ago. He has a novel strategy, as you note, of entering the race as a Ninja candidate with the intent to lull the field into a true sense of security. Yet another entrant to the race for book deals, speaking engagements, cable punditry and, who knows, a footnote in history as the name attached to the VP slot on the losing Republican ticket. These are men and women of no mean ambition.

Peter G

Do you suppose btw that we could organize a seance to raise the ghosts of Whitehead and Russell for we have stumbled upon yet another of these damned logical paradoxes. Some serious expertise in resolving this one is indicated. How exactly does one go about distinguishing oneself in a field that competes to out orthodox each other? The size of your flag pin perhaps?

Anne J

Do these people realize that the republican field is almost always referred to as a "clown car"? If I made a living as an actual clown, I'd probably be offended. Yet they are still more than eager to jump on board if for no other reason than their own personal gain for fame and fortune. Why would someone go to such lengths? So eager to make a name for themselves they have no problem with people calling them clowns and pointing and laughing at them. And as long as the primaries are now basically a candidate adoption program for billionaires with their own agenda, the field will remain unnecessarily crowded for a much longer time.

Peter G

In the commentary sections of some web sites there is now wagering (in good fun on the left, angrily on the right) about how long it takes someone to use the clown car phrase in a post. Some have offered the less overused metaphors such as Clown Stretch Limo to accommodate the ever expanding Republican field. But I find these other metaphors lack the depth and meaning of clown car. We all know what image that phrase conveys do we not? An improbable number of silly humans emerging from a surprisingly small space. There is, literally, no better metaphor available to describe all these candidates emerging from the same narrow strip of political spectrum. This really calls for some investment in political science research to develop new and powerful metaphors to deal with emerging strains of humor resistant memes.


I'm still hoping for America's most reliably obtuse, and by that I really mean earnest, political figure to throw his hat into the Republican candidates' ring: Louie Gohmert of the Great State of Texas. He clearly stands for something, and would give grateful voters the clearest of choices. He is not a man to shrink from truths that must be told such as that President Obama belongs to the "Ayatollah Caucus" or the only thing wrong with the Iraq war was that Bush II didn't know he would be followed by an incompetent. And he knows the mind of the everyday American. A visit to his old web page ( ) is greeted by a folksy "Howdy Friends, Texans have long held the reputation of just telling it how it is. This offends a few people along the way, but we know that you’ve got to stand for the truth. It’s time we bring truth and straight talk back to Washington. There are people destroying the country I’ve sworn to protect and love with all my heart, and now it’s time to stand up, no matter who gets offended." Offense in the name of being offensive is no vice! Possibly he shall soon reveal a list of Ayatollahs buried deep within the Department of State busily redacting Hillary's emails.

Also featured on his page is a "press release" entitled "The Story Behind I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day." Take that, those who would wage war on the birthday of the co-author of the Constitution of the United States of America! And lest anyone think I'm picking on Texas as a whole I'd state unreservedly that Louie could well be The Force, Star Wars-like, that is the source for all Lone Star nuttiness - besides Rick Perry with his glasses off.

Peter G

Neither, apparently, is stupidity a vice. But I fear you have laid upon our dear Louie a heavier intellectual burden than he can be expected to bear. To throw his hat in the ring he would first have to find it which I supect he could not do with both hands and a full length mirror. Furthermore a presidential run generally requires large sums of money be raised from people dumber than the politician they support. I'd rather go looking for Bigfoot myself.



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