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May 22, 2015



Ah, but our good friend, the Huckster, that paragon of fundamentalist, Christian morality, is defending him. And how does one defend the indefensible? Simple. Read the Old Testament as if it were literally true, then pick and choose what you want to follow today. There you'll see that women are simply property, to be used and/or disposed of at the whim of their male owners. Them Bronze Age sheep-shaggers and the god they created in their own image were certainly exemplary moralists, n'est pas? Yes indeedy. Give me that ole time religion...


Huckabee needs a revised edition: God, Guns, Grits, Gravy, and Grabass.

I'll give it a rest for now, but if you know where to look the New Testament is no better.

Betty Hoffmann

It's almost like irony gay-married karma and they had a baby. Let's call it karmody.

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