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May 23, 2015



This morning I watched yesterday's recording of Bloomberg's 'With All Due Respect' which seems center-center to center-right. They showed some of their focus group held with Republican voters. It was fascinating that they seemed most excited by Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, and Donald Trump. Rubio, besides the shortcomings mentioned in the post, has already been caught mishandling RNC funds and fabricating a story about his parents fleeing Fidel Castro in 1959 when they had actually moved to the US during Batista's Cuba of 1956.

Carly Fiorina was forced to resign by the board of HP for lack of competent performance. On the day her departure was announced the company's stock value jumped almost three billion dollars.

Donald Trump. Really? I mean - Really? This megalomaniacal trustifarian bombastic birther lout of a game show host has a history of dodgy financing, having declared Chapter 11 because he over-leveraged hotel and casino businesses in Atlantic City and has been in trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission and Deutsche Bank, among others.

And why did the Republican voters like these candidates? Rubio because he's young, Fiorina because she's a she and the last two mostly because of their business experience, which they considered indispensable. Never mind they just had a failed oil man and baseball team owner wreck the American economy and start a ruinous and unnecessary war. Bidness it is.

Anne J

I find that many of today's t.v. talking heads are as out of touch with the everyday problems of the American electorate as H.L. Mencken appears to have been back then. The only candidate I hear talking about the real problems of ordinary Americans with any sense of reality is Hillary Clinton. I do believe that when she went on her listening tour, she actually was listening. If only she could have toured a little longer.


Most TV talking heads are making at least 6 figures per year and really aren't in touch with average Americans. And even if they are in touch, except for a few viewer supported outlets TV is ruled by corporations and profit motive. PBS, which used to be fairly even-handed when publicly funded, now has to kowtow to the likes of Archer Daniels Midland, Bankers Trust and McDonald's. How many unflattering stories does anyone think they'll feature about farm subsidies, banking regulations, or the nutritional value of fast food? Thanks loads for the defunding and propaganda, Republicans.

Bernie Sanders has a strong grip on the concerns of most Americans and will likely force Hillary to pay more attention to them ( ). It's smart for Hillary to keep scarce right now. Her opponents are currently destroying themselves and each other. Why distract from that?


One by one, the clowns will fall, just as they did in 2012. Eventually the Republicans will settle for the only sane or electable candidate in the litter, who is, I'm sorry to say, Jeb Bush, and I know I won't win any popularity contests around here by saying that Jeb Bush will beat Hillary. Hillary is an incompetent campaigner and Jeb will be the media's BFF. Just watch. The only hope we have is that people will flat out reject another Bush, which may happen. But never underestimate the stupidity of the United States of Amnesia (to steal a phrase from Gore Vidal).

But now for something more interesting: Check out this 1948 radio interview with H.L. Mencken, which took place shortly before the stroke that put him out of action. He sounds like a very stodgy old grump, which, of course, he was.


Whoever the Republican candidate is (and I agree with ohollern that it will probably be Jeb Bush) there will be huge money behind him, as well as a significant base.

Clinton is doing significantly better than she did in 2008, but she hasn't had any opposition to deal with.

I say - take every opponent seriously, and consider the race like the future of the world depends on it, because it does


Try to keep an open mind. The same Republican focus group I mentioned above was, I think, unanimously against Jeb as their candidate. The consensus was they don't need another Bush. They probably equate him with GW. Of course, if they're afraid enough of Hillary they might come out to vote for him anyway, but he'll still have the same, if not worse, demographic challenges as Mitt.


BTW, thanks for the link.

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