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May 28, 2015



If Republican US Senate nominee Sharron Angle can suggest "2nd Amendment Remedies" why can't some troll from around the Central Susquehanna Valley? Fair is fair.

Peter G

Not reading through the tripe they publish appears to be the least of their editorial problems. There is nothing the least bit metaphorical about the solution suggested in the letter they didn't read. It was phrased, as only cowards do, as a suggestion that others might wish to righteously act upon. As Bob notes some call these second amendment solutions. At Redstate it is casually referred to as a "roof top' solution. And does not get edited.


The insides of Redstater heads must be pretty scary and/or developmentally arrested.


anyone have a link to the original letter?

Robert Swartz

"an incitement to have the chief executive of our government executed."

That's a hell of a long and passive way to say "called for the assassination of President Obama." But they knew how much worse it would sound if they put it plainly.

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