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June 01, 2015


Anne J

I managed to get past the boring tone to pay attention to the substance. From what I can gather, if he were president, it would make the W. administration look like a time of peace and (relative) prosperity. He was calling for all war all the time and the eventual elimination or at least major cuts to social security even after acknowledging that he and his family personally benefited from it after the death of his parents. I don't think this member of the government-is-the-problem crowd has ever earned a penny that didn't come from the government. Also, I'd like to put his specifics up against Bernie Sanders' specifics any day and see whose would sell better. Not that I'm saying Sanders will win even if his message does. But neither is anyone in the republican field either. Maybe we shouldn't call it a clown car anymore. To me it looks more like a pasture of GOP sacrificial lambs.

Peter G

I may regret this comment but it would probably be more accurate to say that Lindsey is mincing for the office of president. If questioned on it I will assert that I meant finely chopping policies into mush.


His style makes even Fred Thompson's campaign from the last go-round look dynamic. And, to my mind, Fred's best line still comes from The Hunt for Red October: "Russkies don't take a dump, son, without a plan." I don't think the same could be said of Lindsey.


Whah Petah, surely you don't believe the scurrilous rumahs ungenerous South Carolina gossips are spreadin about Mr. Lindsey?


Maybe a cattle car of sacrificial clowns?

Peter G

There's lots of reasons Lindsey shouldn't and won't be president but the fact that he is gay shouldn't, in fairness, be one of them. So I was being a bit of a dick.

I once was interviewed by RCMP officers doing a security check on a close friend in graduate school who was in line for a security sensitive job. They asked a lot of questions about his dating habits and I was quite oblivious as to why. Finally, in exasperation they asked if he was gay. I did not know and still don't but it turned out they didn't care if he was only if he was in the closet and potentially blackmailable as it were. If Lindsey wants to come out of the closet one day I will give him all the credit that is due him for bravery in the face of Republicanism.

Peter G

Is that a reverse mortgage sales campaign I see in Lindsey's future?

Bob Puharic

I exercise at the local Y during lunchtime. They have Fox on TV for the treadmill gang. The Fox folks said pretty much the same thing...major snooze...


From what I've read he might not be gay. Supposedly it's a rumor some tea yahoos started about him because he's never been married. Not that there's anything wrong with being a bachelor.

Jon Ponder

Speaking for all of gaydom (as I always do), we don't want him!


Jon, maybe we could all chip in to get him conversion therapy. In either case he deserves it. That and some meds for his homicidal ideation and paranoia.

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