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June 26, 2015



Ha! Those idiots over at The Blaze don't know secret plots from Shinola. Has anyone seen Roberts' birth certificate? I thought not. W was under direct orders from Skull and Crossbones to put him at the top of the court, and they're under the control of the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Group. The ruling was a message to aliens from the future that the time to strike is now. Enjoy the New World Order everyone. I'll be hiding out with the Freemasons.

While looking up "parataxis" I ran across this definition and explanation:

"Jiggery-pokery (meaning "dishonest or suspicious activity") is a fine example of what is referred to as rhyming reduplication, and Scalia appears to have more of a fondness for this type of language than do most of his fellow justices (he used the phrase argle-bargle several years ago in another decision). There are many such examples in English; razzle-dazzle, teeny-weeny, nitty-gritty, and perhaps the most applicable of all for use in a Supreme Court decision: phony-baloney."

Peter G

If you were looking for an image that would capture the weird essence of the Internet then search Google for images of paintings by Hieronymous Bosch. That man knew what an Id was before Sigmund Freud's great great grandfather was a gleam in the eye of his great great great grandfather.


I noted yesterday, I think, how I'm actually surprised at how sincerely disgusted the Right seems to be with the King decision. I thought even THEY knew it was substantively ridiculous, but that there was no harm in trying if it would bring down Obamacare. So I was expecting the reactions to most fall into the "disappointing result, but it was always a longshot."

But they seem to genuinely believe the case was meritorious and that they should have won. To the point where they think Justice Roberts was blackmailed into making his vote. Truly dumbfounding. I was surprised that they were high on their own supply, all the way to the top of the Romney campaign and Karl Rove, in fall 2012 with the "unskewed polls" stupidity, but I'm even a little more surprised by their reaction to King v. Burwell. It was a preposterous case, and the fact that it even got this far shows how tenuous the judiciary's impartiality can be when a case is touched by politics. I thought most of the Righties cheering it on knew it and were winking and nodding at each other, even as they lustily cheered the prospect of millions losing health care. Again, they surprised me.


Hieronymous would have been a hoot to have a few draughts with. Maybe not to turn your back on though.


Dare we hope sensible people have left the party with nothing but the kooks?

Peter G

They knew in their hearts that fix was in. They just thought it was their fix.

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