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July 29, 2015


Peter G

So first things first. Who the hell is Camille Paglia and why should I care what she thinks? Wikipedia tells me much but the most important thing it tells me is what she thinks of herself. "Paglia has said that she is willing to have her entire career judged on the basis of her composition of what she considers to be "probably the most important sentence that she has ever written": "God is man's greatest idea." Hey that's a great idea that has echoed over the centuries pretty much verbatim when translated from the various other languages it has been expressed in. She appears to be the contrarian in residence but is a disciple of Bloom so she can't be all bad.


I read Paglia's Salon column briefly during the '90's and am reminded why I stopped. How in the world can anyone mistake her for a person with something to say? Wow, the New Atheists are disrespectful. No one has ever barked up that tree before. What insight. Snark started with David Letterman. If the word means something like biting sarcasm often associated with satire that would surprise a lot of readers. The Oxford English Dictionary traces the concept back to 1597, which measurably predates Dave's TV appearance. Her practice of giving pop culture a thumbs up or down in a few sentences is both irrelevant and annoying. Cheap contrariness masquerading as original thinking is beyond pretentious. She has more in common with Trump than not. No wonder she had kind words for him even if he is equivalent to ISIS.


One of my professors once said that, "All religions are equally absurd, but some are more politically correct than others."

Peter G

Oh my goodness, you weren't kidding. She disdains that smug, snarky, superior tone that she adopts for everyone she disagrees with. And guess what she invented atheism! As a fad no less. Coincidentally about the same time the Internet started roaring and discussion communities of such concepts as atheism began to flourish.It will come as no surprise to liberals that liberalism has never invented an alternative to religion for that was never a goal of liberalism but, by golly, she sewed that one up too! I will correct myself, a disciple of Bloom can be an idiot.


It's possible to interpret liberalism as attempting to invent alternatives to religion. For example there are satirical "religions" like the Church of the Subgenius that has events all over the country, even in Indianapolis. There's also a movement that supposedly started in Texas, of all places, that has something like a Sunday service except there are readings from writers like Tom Paine, Ben Franklin and Robert Green Ingersoll. The point is to have the same sense of fellowship without the mythology.


I should have added some of the above "services" have talks by educators and scientists, among others.


Camille Paglia is a pseudo intellectual who Andrew Sullivan liked to promote the same way he promoted Charles Murray.

Dale White

My favorite satirical "religion" is the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster:

The Raven

She is, or perhaps was, a woman who gives a lot of comfort to conservative anti-feminists. She's very literate, but also makes the most awful hack arguments, of which these are a sample.

There are few things in modern Western politics which are not, in part, expressions of threatened masculinity.


The FSM has come a long way and has some really funny adherents. It's also gotten real results keeping creationism out of classrooms. R'Amen.

Anne J

I wanted to read the interview, but couldn't get past what the hell a "cultural critic" is. Is that a paying job? Where do I apply?

Peter G

The most precise definition of cultural critic is everybody.


Somewhere in my house is one of her books -- collection of essays -- which I acquired somewhere around '94. I can only attribute this to post-postpartum depression fog. I suspect I even read the thing.

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