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July 31, 2015


Peter G

Her understanding of politics seems to be somewhat limited. If they had anything of substance GOP operatives would using it right now to change a news cycle, any news cycle be it ever so brief, away from the appalling litany of Trump driven insanity and internal infighting. Hence the valiant effort to magnify Clinton's e-mails into the crime of the century without, be it noted, citing the content of a single e-mail as evidence of wrongdoing.

It would not matter, of course, who the Democratic nominee might be. The smearing would be just as relentless and just as malicious. Their big problem with Hillary is that she is exactly the right candidate at exactly the right time. The boys who cried wolf so often and so many times are crying only to their own crowd. At this point anything they say will be pretty much dismissed as more of the same. Six hundred dollar haircuts? The leading Republican candidate is a profligate billionaire. Their last nominee owned about six mansions and had an elevator for his cars.

Peter G

So I read this Salon piece Part Deux and I remained puzzled as to Ms. Paglia stature as a thinker of thoughts. Her position re parties seems to be that the wealth of candidates of the Republicans is a good noble indicator of their health as opposed to the paucity of Democratic candidates which indicates their illness. Her position on candidates is that Hillary is awful as is virtually the entire Republican field none of whom she finds presidential at all. If I read a review of Paglia of any given work of fiction am I going to discover that she finds it a noble work worth reading, except for the words, which suck?


Paglia is Trump with 50 more IQ points. She enjoys being disingenuous, bombastic and annoying.


Paglia has never interested me. I've attempted to read a few writing of her and they have either bored me or confused me. I'm going with p.m. on this one - a few belts of bourbon. That paragraph almost sounds Peggy Noonanesque. Does anyone truly think the Donald styles his own hair? That's an intricate piece of work. Nothing less than a top dollar professional could touch that.


Sounds like Dick Morris' predictions. ha ha

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