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July 14, 2015



Small-l libertarian Welch seems to feel Rand Paul was slighted by Trump only mentioning that he likes him. Rand is lucky. If he were a target worth taking a shot at, Trump would have mentioned the 45 minute meeting Paul had with cranky deadbeat rancher and federal agent targeter Cliven Bundy last month. Multiple sources report they discussed federal land management, states’ rights and education policy. Rand makes Trump look like a statesman and a genius.

Peter G

The greatest thing about Trump is that is does not matter if he believes what he says or not. The effects will be the same.

Peter G

This is too rich not to share. Apparently whoever does the graphics for Mr Trump has an acute sense of humor. The soldiers depicted in the graphic of Trump's star spangled face are Waffen SS.

Anne J

I was starting to think that Donald Trump is hail mary pass by some group like La Raza or other Latino/immigrant rights organization to finally get people to start talking seriously about immigration reform. This guy is not only full of it, he makes a big show out of being full of it. And according to polls, they're eating up every bite of it.


It's not a red rubber nose, but it will do.

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