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July 25, 2015


Anne J

Well once again, we got treated to a vague accusation of some kind of possible wrongdoing that may be nothing at all, but does serve the purpose of putting the question of her trustworthiness to the voters, perhaps in an effort to make her eventual election look less possible. Well I don't know if she's going to be elected or not, but I do know that I have never seen a woman so maligned by the media. Even when she was first lady over twenty years ago, she was always surrounded by vague scandals mostly manufactured by other people. Even as I was watching tv yesterday and the correction was acknowledged, they still said "but it still raises questions"...Oh my. They just can't leave this poor woman alone. And if she wins the presidency, we'll have to put up with these relentless attacks for another eight years.


The ideas the NYT is "the paper of record" or "liberal" are always good for a laugh. Besides its stupid Whitewater coverage, a few of its low points were Jayson Blair who was forced to resign in 2003 for plagiarism and pure fantasy in his writing. There was the NYT magazine article that featured climate change denialist Freeman Dyson and contained no opposing views. Most notoriously there was Judith Miller, who made herself the mouthpiece of Dick Cheney to cheer lead for the Iraq invasion, and hers wasn't the only NYT sloppiness in covering Iraq and the middle east. Here's their detailed excuse fest and mea culpa:

Anne J

This is why the woman is always so cautious in her campaign, maybe even to a fault. If you were sentenced to 25-35 of constant right wing attacks for no reason, you'd be cautious too.

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