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July 31, 2015



So this could be a GOP "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral". Nice. Look forward to it ! Go Trump...go Perry !


Bush has "deep policy knowledge"??? Do we have any reason to actually believe this, or do we just take his advisors' words for it?

OK, according to many of his competitors, whose "policy" ideas sound like they came from someone with a bad concussion, maybe his "knowledge" can be considered "deep". But really, his many moments of confusion or of making erroneous comments so far on the campaign trail cast serious doubt on the supposed depth of his knowledge. And that's not even bringing up his brother's, uhhhh, shortcomings.


That said, in a debate where he's competing for attention with 9 even bigger clowns and/or lunatics than he is, I don't blame his campaign team for their strategy of searching for sound bytes and zingers. That is the smart way to go, on a strictly pragmatic level. Heck, Newt kept his campaign going long beyond its natural expiry date in part by attacking the moderators. When the novelty of that wore off, Sheldon's money kept him limping along. That's the kind of nonsense Bush needs to contend with.


John Heilemann's focus group of Trump supporters says it all. It needs no comment other than the discussion starts at about 9 minutes:


Bush needs a lot more than a couple one liners to take Trump down. He needs to form an alliance with at least 2 other candidates on the stage. Perry and Graham are likely allies in an all out assault on Trump.
The reason he needs this is that the first person to throw a punch at Trump is going to be destroyed but the hope will be that it will start to set Trump off his game. The next person will be more difficult for Trump to dispense with and if the right attack is used Trump will start to fatigue and it may cause him to leave an opening or make a mistake. So 2 or more candidates bloodying Trump and themselves is what Bush needs to hope for and really, if he has the chops to be president, organize before the debate.
Only then could Bush come in for the kill without being irreprably damaged himself.

Shaun Appleby

After all that prep, "I'm a big boy," [Jeb] said. "I'll be showing up with my big boy pants on."

Good Lord.


Forget Perry and Graham, it will be Christie who will attack Trump on Thursday night. Christie owes his entire career to the Bush clan. It was George who appointed him Federal Prosecutor in NJ which is where Christie created all his political power. So favors will be called in. Christie has little to lose and all upside and he is the most likely to come out of a 1 on 1 with Trump with the upper hand.

Christie will attack Trump like a snarling pit bull and Trump will return in kind. Bush will sit back and try to appear presidential.

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