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July 15, 2015


Anne J

We know they're acting this way just to be contrary little brats. If Obama is for it, especially if it is or is potentially successful, they're against it. I know what it feels like to be speechless and mentally exhausted from GOP bitching, moaning, and sabotaging just for the sake of doing all three of the above. It would be nice if someone would point that out to them, but how. A tv journalist probably wouldn't be working in that profession very long, and those of us who comment in places like this do it mostly just to vent, I think. To look at the madness they cause and come here for sanctuary of reading something sane and talk to people who more or less feel the same way you do. All I can suggest is, if you can't come up with words to convey their awfulness, then maybe if you ever find yourself in conversation with one of these people, just use their words. Against them.


Come on people, they really just don't want peace as per a written piece of paper...they really just want to fight for that peace. Why bother having such a military machine when you're going to make deals for peace ?


You have succinctly described the situation we are forced to deal with in our oh so partisanly divided country every day. Conservative leaders around the world (Cameron, Merkel, et al.) have showered this agreement with praise. But not our own. The choice is to go with the agreement, or petulantly set up our own sanctions around which our partners will immediately perform an end run, while Iran cruises to making a bomb. Our conservatives seem to magically think that we have the option of a "tougher" agreement, utterly ignoring the need to have the world agree on this. It feels as if the lesson of Woodrow Wilson and the catastrophe brought on by the Congressional rejection of the League of Nations has never been learned.


We can only speculate why the president chose to give this interview to Tom Friedman, but it's one of the best I've seen and it deserves a second reading. Mr. Obama shows a grasp of international politics that helps wash away some of the stain on the American character left by GW Bush who knew nothing but to delegate, and often didn't even do that on his own. What seems to be resignation might also be an ability to be serious.

Seriousness is in short supply during our detrimentally extended political seasons. The idiot uproar on the right reminds of the old saying that Washington is Hollywood for ugly people. The word "ugly" is probably meant to describe attitude more than physical appearance, but the implication of rampant acting is exactly on the mark. The most interesting thing about following politics is trying to spot what's behind all the histrionics.

Peter G

The merits of the case which the president made are irrelevant. I think we all know that. And much fear mongering will be done. And that is okay too. It is almost necessary I think. People often forget that deals like this must be sold to all parties. And the Iranians need to know two things in order for this deal to pass muster with the hardliners at home. They need to know that Bibi and And American conservatives are very very unhappy. For that is a selling feature at home in Iran. But they also need to know that the US and the other signatory nations will uphold their end of the bargain. And since a veto proof majority is required in the only troublesome nation (sorry but that would be you) it is going to be implemented. MOST importantly it means that Israel, on its own, lacks the military capacity and support to take pre-emptive action. Even if by some miracle a Republican were to be elected in 2016 then the inspectors would be on the ground and unilateral surprise military action by Israel on anyone else for matter would be virtually impossible. The Iranians obviously have a vested interest in seeing that the insurance of having IAEA inspectors in place happens as soon as possible.


This president can make a coherent and nuanced case. That's something we haven't seen in American politics for too long. That he's willing to own the policy and explain it, even if having to leave out details, is not irrelevant. Contrast it to the insulting, infantile noises made before the Iraq invasion.

Peter G

I think you misunderstand me. The case as made by the president is both cogent and wise. It is the best course to follow. But that is irrelevant to his political opposition and unnecessary to everyone else. I merely point out that the right wing noise machine serves its own purpose in the overall scheme of things. For if they did not assert that the sky was falling the deal might not be acceptable in Iran.


Got it and you're right. I just watched Hardball and Matthews showed a string of the most outrageous comments about the deal from R candidates. Even considering they're also playing to the people that think the feds are invading TX it's amazing how shameless they are.


It sounds like you are for the deal just because Obama made it, which is exactly what you are accusing the opposition of doing. Why do you think the Iran deal is a good thing?

Neon Vincent

At a blog that linked to this entry, I asked the following question: "Speaking of Nietzche and abysses, when you stare into this abyss, does it also stare back at you, or is it too self-absorbed to even notice?" In this entry, the answer appears to be no. I suspect that's an artifact of the intellectual subject matter; it's too abstract for "beastly malevolence and wanton stupidity" to tackle. However, entries that offer something more concrete do show that some of the denizens of the abyss are watching what you post. When they can sink their claws into the subject, they pounce.

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